Canine and Dog Handler

It’s an easy matter to bump up business security on a regular or ad hoc basis when you opt for professional dog handlers from Phase One. Dog handler security can be a very real criminal deterrent and is ideal for evicting squatters in your premises, using for crowd control purposes, or as a roaming presence around your site perimeter.

All Phase One security guards are fully trained and certified to handle guard dogs effectively. It’s often possible to use one dog handler to replace several security guards through the hours of darkness. Security dogs really do possess an astounding sense of smell and hearing and excellent vision, so can offer early warning of any kind of intrusion. Ask about our dog handler options: –

  • Security dogs; and
  • Detection dogs.

Opting for our ad hoc dog handler service as part of any bespoke security solution offers tremendous advantages, as potential intruders with criminal intent find dog handler security a very real psychological deterrent.

Get in touch with Phase One now to talk about our entire line up of integrated security services and discuss the ways we can create a bespoke package that’s totally geared to your security requirements.

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