Vacant Site Security

There are many occasions when it may be necessary to leave a property unattended. For example, sites that are still undergoing construction, fitting or decorating, properties that are in the process of changing hands, or units that are being prepared for a new business use will all have some time standing vacant.

It is simply not possible to have a human presence on site 24/7, which can make a vacant property particularly vulnerable to intruders or other security risks. This is where the use of 24-hour electronic security systems comes into its own.

At Phase One we offer vacant property security options with the used of Videofied wireless video equipment. This offers constant high-resolution video imaging, which can be remotely monitored either continually or when required to offer you reassurance when you need it that your vacant property is secure.

Videofied installations come in a variety of forms, from panels to cameras to fobs, and are suitable for internal or external use to suit your requirements. At Phase One we are on hand to advise you of the best options for your site, and we can quickly and professionally install your choice of units to enhance your 24-hour security.

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