Personal Attack Alarms

There are many instances, in many industries, where it may be necessary for you or your employees to range further afield than the confines the office. If you are managing this kind of operation, or if you are simply looking to enhance your own personal security, Phase One can help you. As part of our electronic security services, we offer the provision of, and advice about the use of, PARiM personal attack alarms.

Many of us have experienced the feeling of being followed, or perhaps just a general discomfort when working in or travelling through unoccupied areas, especially at night or in poor light. Carrying a personal alarm can at these times be a great reassurance for you or your employees.

Personal alarms serve as an important addition to many firms’ 24-hour security services, helping to ensure that you and your staff are as well protected as your business premises. In the unlikely event of some kind of an emergency when you or your workers are alone and vulnerable, an alarm can be quickly raised to alert passers-by or emergency or security personnel that there is a problem. Raising this kind of alarm can also act as a quick deterrent for an assailant.

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