Intruder/Fire Monitoring

Responsibility for residential properties, business premises or other sites of course includes responsibility for the safety and security of those sites. Two of the main 24-hour security concerns as a property owner, business manager or site manager are the risk of fire or the threat to security posed by any potential unwelcome intruders.

While it is not always possible to prevent every fire risk, peace of mind in the event of a fire breaking out is available in the installation of sensitive and reliable fire alarm systems that can detect smoke and heat early and raise the alarm for any occupants of the premises as well the emergency services.

Reassurance regarding the risk of unwanted visits from trespassers is available in the installation of HKC intruder alarms. A reliable intruder alarm system will act as a deterrent for intruders as well as triggering an alert to you and the appropriate services in the event of any undesired visitors entering your premises.

These electronic security systems are available as standalone installations or to complement your other security measures on your site. At Phase One we can advise you of the best options to suit your needs as well as offering quick and professional installation and monitoring of these systems.

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