Alarm Monitoring

Of course, there is little use in installing an alarm system if the right people are not alerted when the alarm is raised. At Phase One we offer alarm monitoring services as part of our electronic security services, whereby your alarm installations can be monitored by a third-party alarm monitoring station.

Whether the alarm is designed to make you aware of a fire, intruder or theft of assets, our 24-hour alarm monitoring services provide you with absolute reassurance that your alarm installations will do their job. When the alarm sounds, security personnel will be made immediately aware via the third-party station, and we will be able to begin to take steps to help you deal with the emergency.

You might wish to combine this provision with one of our mobile security services, whereby one of our trained designated keyholding personnel can visit your site and resolve any security issues. Alternatively, you might wish to deal with the situation yourself or to alert emergency services in the case of damage, intruders or fire. Either way, Phase One’s alarm monitoring service is an excellent enhancement to the 24-hour security systems at your premises. Call us today to discuss the right solution for your security needs.

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