Our watch service is used by many health centers, care homes and medical facilities throughout the UK, and our qualified experts understand how to minimise all dangers to the patients themselves and personnel, visitors, and members of the public.

With hospitals and healthcare settings throughout the UK reporting a surge in mental health patients, it is important that healthcare teams have the support they need to provide the best care possible. Here at Phaseone Service Group, we offer external support to clinical environments with our 1-2-1 patient watch service.

Specialist patient support officers

Our specialist patient support officers are fully trained in offering 1-2-1 support in all types of healthcare settings and are ready to be assigned to patients. We can work with your healthcare management team to monitor both vulnerable and challenging individuals so that resources can be deployed to other areas of the healthcare setting.

Our watch service is used by many hospitals, care homes and medical facilities throughout the UK, and our trained professionals know how to minimise all risks to the patients themselves and staff, visitors, and members of the public.

One-to-one watch of high-risk patients

We understand the sensitive nature of the role, and our specialist team have the skills and training to effectively manage every eventuality, including violent outbursts. These sudden attacks can be unexpected, serious, and even life-threatening, which is very stressful and potentially dangerous for everyone involved. However, our 1-2-1 service will provide the reassurance and confidence needed for the medical team to concentrate on their duties.

As part of our support services, we can also provide the following:

  • Advice and training on how to manage and control aggressive behaviour.
  • Training on pain-free physical intervention skills, such as holding, guiding, disengagement and breakaway techniques.
  • Liaising with adult safeguarding and psychological teams to maintain excellent levels of supervision and support.

When you choose the Phaseone team, we will provide our team with site-specific training and full induction of all emergency procedures. This also extends to full training in disease prevention control, infection management, Covid-19 safety and how to correctly use all required PPE.

To find out more about our 24-hour monitoring service for your vulnerable and high-risk patients, please contact our professional healthcare team today.