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Dog Handlers

Dog handlers services for prevention & detection. Directed by expert dog handlers, our canine teams will patrol your premises whenever you need them, day or night, ensuring your interests stay secure.

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Our experienced dog handlers have unrivalled skills and knowledge of the security industry

Here at Phaseone Service Group we offer many ways to keep your premises safe and our highly trained guard dogs are one of them. There are many benefits to having guard dogs on your site. Our dog handler service will not only alert you and those nearby to the unwelcome presence of an intruder, but will also act as an effective deterrent to anyone thinking of trespassing.

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All of our dog handlers are fully trained and certified to handle guard dogs and detection dogs effectively. It’s often possible to use one dog handler to replace several security guards through the hours of darkness. Security dogs really do possess an astounding sense of smell and hearing and excellent vision, so can offer early warning of any kind of intrusion. Opting for our dog handler service as part of any bespoke security solution offers tremendous advantages, as potential intruders with criminal intent find dog handler security a very real psychological deterrent. Contact Us.

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We have a national database of dog handlers covering the UK.

Dog handlers are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Specialist guarding, search and detection dogs available

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