We have more than 15 years’ experience in supplying loss prevention security and we are positive we can assist your business, minimise expenses, handle inventory, prevent losses, and remove internal fraud.

Here at Phaseone Service Group, we are committed to aiding the success and longevity of your company, which is why our services extend to loss prevention. Naturally, our security services are designed to eliminate potential thefts and robberies, however, we can also offer services such as inventory management and internal fraud prevention.

Proactively preventing loss

As fully trained, licensed and SIA-approved contractors, we know how to proactively prevent thefts and robberies. Our team use a variety of techniques and security measures to ensure your business is safe, assets are protected, and the efficiency of your team is improved. By preventing losses both internally and externally, we will minimise thefts, fraud, vandalism, and misconduct, to ensure you see a return on your investment.

An experienced retail security team

As an experienced security team, we provide our services to businesses in a wide range of customers, from retail stores and warehouses to medical buildings and offices. Through effective loss prevention strategies, we will create a plan to monitor your high-risk areas, so that we are always on hand to resolve thefts and notify the authorities.

Our wide range of loss prevention strategies can include CCTV surveillance, inventory audits, security integrity checks and training of your own employees. This flexibility enables us to offer a service that is completely tailored to the risks your individual business faces and your budget. As an experienced team, we will take you through the best options for your business so that your stock and assets are protected.

We offer a complete range of commercial services including everything from cleaning through to workplace maintenance because we want to offer our clients a full-service solution. To find out more about our security support, please contact our team today.