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Front of House Security

Front of house security can help business leaders to identify these risks and to create a response plan with the right services in place to mitigate and manage these risks.

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Front of House Security2020-09-03T15:19:51+00:00

With our front of house security team on board, you can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that all is being handled smoothly.

Our highly trained front of house security will provide professional, polite front of house safety to your business. With years of experience acting as front of house security, they will adapt quickly to your processes and fit seamlessly into your operation.

Front of House Services2020-09-03T15:19:21+00:00

Our fully trained personnel have the customer service skills needed to provide a top quality reception and front of house services. The professionals from Phaseone Service Group provides a reassuring, uniformed service within your front of house, yet possesses all the essential customer service skills needed to put visitors at ease from the outset. When you book reception and front of house security from Phaseone, you’re choosing an efficient, knowledgeable front of house service that’s available 24/7. Your front of house personnel provides a range of duties, including reception, access control, and pass or visitor authorisation. Contact Us.

Meet and Greet2020-09-03T15:27:38+00:00

The security of your business is paramount to operational success, so adding our meet and greet services to your integrated services can be a very wise decision. We understand the importance of first impressions and how they impact on your daily business operations. Our meet and greet services can be provided on an ad hoc basis or as part of your bespoke security package. Contact Us.

Back Office Support2020-09-03T15:12:30+00:00

There are lots of reasons to opt for physical security and manned guarding of your business back office. This is particularly true for organisations handling large amounts of cash or holding products or items with a substantial value. You can rely on the trained professionals from Phaseone Service Group to provide the unobtrusive back office support needed by your business. Contact Us.

Access Control2020-09-03T14:53:34+00:00

The manned guarding service from Phaseone Service Group can includes access and egress control. Effective control of all access and egress points to sites helps ensure protection for employees along with all property contained within the site. The ongoing safety of all site personnel is paramount for any business, so opting for top quality access and egress controls can address any shortfalls or lapses in your site security. Contact Us.

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Our front of house security staff are licensed by the SIA

All of our front of house security are screened to BS7858

Our operatives complete a qualification in customer service

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