Our expert team are routinely employed to supply fire watch services for areas with increased fire threat.

Ensuring your property is protected from potential fires is one of the most important aspects of managing potential risks, and our team offer reliable fire watch and warden services that are tailored to the individual risks of your building. In particular, our fire watch services are a popular choice for premises which face increased fire risks, whilst the usual fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems are temporarily deactivated.

Professional fire watch services

Fire watch services are a legal requirement if the fire alarms and sprinklers are deactivated for more than 4 hours, which is common during hazardous demolitions and hot work. The International Fire Code also states that it is a requirement to utilise a fire watch service in places where a large number of people can congregate, such as concerts, festivals and exhibitions.

We know how important it is to always ensure fire safety and our highly trained team will continually monitor the area for potential risks, whilst ensuring fire safety procedures are correctly followed. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service, so we take the time to examine the layout of your property or event space. This allows us to create an effective fire safety plan, which includes fire exits, traffic control plans and extinguisher points.

Our fire watch services will protect your team, visitors, assets, and the property itself so that you have the peace of mind you need whilst meeting all legal requirements.

Fire watch and fire wardens service

Although we are primarily known as a security company, our SIA-approved contractors are also highly trained fire wardens. This is just an example of one of the services we can offer to our customers, in addition to our main security roles.

Our trained, qualified, and insured security team can also act as the fire warden for your business so that you can be sure that fire safety within the business is effectively managed. Our fire wardens will ensure all legislation is adhered to and if a fire were to break out, our trained team will act quickly.

To find out more about our fire watch and fire warden services, please contact our versatile team today to discuss your requirements.