Our group of security contractors offers an expert, affordable, and trustworthy event security service throughout the UK and beyond.

Whether you are an event company or a business planning a one-off event, you will know how important it is to create a safe and well-organised space. As a team of security professionals, we know how to effectively manage crowds and we offer an efficient and affordable service to businesses across the UK.

A cost-effective, reliable event security team

Our mission is to ensure the success of your event, through effective crowd control, organisation, and security support. You can rely on our team to devise the ideal strategy for your event, in terms of the space, budget, security risks and the number of attendees, so that you have complete peace of mind throughout the event.

Our crowd control services begin with an analysis of the event location, the building, its layout, and entry or exit points. We will then create a crowd management plan based on your expected guest numbers and potential security issues so that your guests are safe, and the event runs smoothly.

Professional event security

As part of our crowd management service, we also offer comprehensive event security which enables us to respond quickly to potential risks. We get to know every detail of the event’s layout, and our experienced team are proactive in their approach to spotting potential issues. If a security issue arises, we will handle everything quickly with minimal disruption to the event.

The following services are just some examples of the ways we can help your event run smoothly:

  • Consultations and advice before the event
  • Provision of SIA-approved security contractors who have prior experience in event security
  • Bag searching upon entry and during the event
  • Traffic and access control
  • Provision of plain-clothed and uniformed security staff
  • Liaising with additional hired services, emergency services and law enforcement
  • Metal detection

Here as Phaseone Service Group, we are the security specialists, so you can trust us to provide a wide range of useful services for your event. Whether you are interested in protection for important guests, CCTV surveillance or even additional cleaning staff and ticket attendants, we have the skilled personnel available.

We know how different events can be and our team are always available to talk through the various options with you. As a professional security team, we are able to make recommendations for your event so that you can focus on planning the event itself. To find out more about our crowd control and event services, please contact our versatile team today.