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Hire Door Supervisors

Skilled in conflict resolution, our door supervisors and event security have all undertaken training to gain the SIA qualification and licence. We have been providing door supervisors throughout the UK since 2007, specialising in tailoring our services to your exact requirement.

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Hire Venue or Event Security

Whether it’s for one off event or an ongoing venue, be confident that you will be employing presentable, assured and multi-skilled door supervisors.

Our door supervisors and event security are focused on customer service and safety. The role our door supervisor fulfils will makes them a valuable addition to your team of staff and on top of that a positive representation of your business.

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Door Supervisor Services

As an established provider of security services in the UK, we already have a significant workforce. This enables us to rapidly assemble an appropriate team and hit the ground running when it comes to project implementation. Here’s a range of comprehensive services that we offer.

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Managing the security of any event is far easier when the ticket and pass control services offered by Phase One are in place. We understand all the health and safety nuances that can impact on the success of any kind of event or entertainments function, and our fully trained security officers are expert in ensuring speedy access for ticket- and pass-holders.

Our ticket and pass control services encompass pedestrian and vehicle traffic to ensure smooth access and egress from all entry control points. Opting for ticket and pass control services from Phase One ensures entry to your event is handled effectively by trained security officers expert in assessing potential risks while also promoting your organisation in the best possible light.

Get in touch with Phase One today to discover more about our ticket and pass control services, alongside the entire range of integrated security solutions we can provide to enhance the safety of all participants and guests at your event. Organising events of any size is far easier when you partner with Phase One for a complete security solution.

Manned guarding services: –
Manned guarding services

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The security of your business is paramount to operational success, so adding Phase One meet and greet services to your integrated security services can be a very wise decision. We understand the importance of first impressions and how they impact on your daily business operations. Our meet and greet services can be provided on an ad hoc basis or as part of your bespoke security package.

You can expect your meet and greet security officers to possess all the charm and customer service excellence required from your front of house. Our manned guarding officers appreciate their work takes them into a wide variety of situations, and are fully trained in the customer service requirements of meet and greet services.

Whether you require meet and greet services for your business or for an upcoming event, get in touch with Phase One today to discuss your needs in detail and obtain further information about our wide range of security solutions. We’re one of the top-rated SIA contractors in the UK, and offer manned guarding and associated security solutions to businesses in any location. Browse our website to find out more.

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Our integrated security services offer clients the ability to book security officers with comprehensive first aid skills. Guarding premises doesn’t only involve managing physical security issues, and opting for manned guarding plus first aid response services could be the difference between life and death for your employees or visitors.

Our SIA licensed security guards provide effective security for your premises and the entire workforce, and are on hand to pre-empt situations of a violent or threatening nature in the workplace. Opting for our first aid response solution provides you with another valuable security service, with skilled officers on hand to deal with any emergency first aid situations or provide casualties with effective first aid treatments prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Phase One security officers are very often the first people to arrive at incident scenes. This means first aid can be given at the time it’s needed, and there’s no requirement to wait around for your on-site first aiders to arrive at the scene.

Give us a call today to talk about our entire line up of integrated security solutions and discuss all the benefits of manned guarding with first aid support, from Phase One.

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You can rely on Phase One to provide the effective manned security services needed to ensure the protection of your UK site at all times. We are proud of our professional reputation and are one of the top SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved contractors in the UK. This means we deliver the highest standards of manned security guarding at all times, and all our services are completely tailored to address client security needs and concerns.

All our security officers are trained to the highest standards and fully vetted and licensed by the SIA. We’re committed to providing ongoing training in all security issues, to ensure we continually provide security guarding that’s best for our UK clients.

Phase One are the experts when it comes to guarding any kind of client site, from construction sites to warehouses operating on a 24/7 basis. When you need assurances that site security is optimised to the fullest extent, with all staff, products, and equipment protected, you can rely on the Phase One manned security services to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for an adaptable, professional manned security service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your options in more detail and find out about the wide range of integrated services we offer. Our manned guarding services can be totally tailored to your needs, and we offer bespoke security solutions and ad hoc solutions for any business.


Managing Crowds, Queuing and Social Distancing

Our door supervisors will add an air of authenticity to your venue or event in keeping with the style you wish to present to your customer.

Understanding conflict, how it begins and how to manage it to stop it escalating further is our area of expertise. Our door supervisors and event security are trained to find immediate resolution for issues or conflict and allow you to feel relaxed and confident that your establishment is running smoothly.

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