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Keyholding and Alarm Response

Keyholding and Alarm Response

We are dedicated to delivering low cost alarm response, keyholding and mobile patrol services at the highest standard. Instead of paying for security guards around the clock you’re hiring our mobile security patrols to perform ad-hoc Keyholding, Patrol & Response.

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Looking for keyholding & alarm response?

Keyholding, Patrols & Response are the ultimate low cost security service and at Phase One, our guards are experienced, licensed and instantly recognisable in their distinctive uniforms.

Rather than pay for security guards around the clock, you are hiring our mobile patrol officers to perform planned or reactive checks at your property. They are a visible deterrent and they can attend irregularly, putting the career criminal off his stride!

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Mobile Security Services

As an established provider of mobile security services in the UK, we already have a significant workforce. This enables us to rapidly assemble an appropriate team and hit the ground running when it comes to project implementation.

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Most business premises have an alarm system installed, designed to let business owners, neighbours and potentially the emergency services know when there is a security problem. However, many alarm systems are not in fact connected in such a way to alert the appropriate people that something untoward has happened.

An alarm system that does not make anyone aware that it has been set off has little use beyond the hope that it will deter intruders. Once trespassers have gained entry into the building its installation then becomes pointless.

At Phase One, we offer alarm response as part of our mobile security package. Your business’s alarm system can be set up in such a way as to alert one of our fully trained and licensed security personnel that it has been activated. If this happens, your designated Phase One keyholder will be able to take immediate action and attend your premises as well as alerting you, as the business owner, or the emergency services if necessary.

With a dedicated 24-hour alarm response service comes greater reassurance that the alarm system that is designed to protect your premises from unwanted attention will remain secure and be effective in your absence.


With the best will in the world, it is not always possible to have every site staffed with personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This would be costly and a waste of resources and staff time, especially during the hours when your site is closed for business.

We have the solution within Phase One’s mobile security services. We can provide you with a qualified designated keyholder to ensure that there is someone in the vicinity who can respond to alarm calls and other alerts outside of your site’s operational hours. Your designated keyholder will be on call to attend your premises within 20 minutes of any alarm call, in line with BS 7984 regulations.

You can have the peace of mind in knowing that your site will be attended by fully trained and licensed security personnel in the case of any out-of-hours alerts, without having to fund full time out-of-hours staff at your site. The security presence that this service provides for your site will not only leave you reassured that there will be personnel in attendance in case of an emergency, but it will also reduce the risk of the alarm calls occurring in the first place, as this security presence will deter intruders.


24 Hour Alarm Response and Keyholding

If you have an alarm installed at your home or business, which does not inform anybody that the alarm has been triggered, then it’s a pointless alarm.

Whether you want to protect your business or your home, the first class Alarm Response and Keyholding services provided by Phase One can help you to achieve peace of mind. Our mobile security officers will attend your premises as quick as possible to investigate the alarm and report their findings back to our manned control room.

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