Providing a safe, clean, and functional working environment can help provide the care and support needed for both short-term and long-term healthcare. By putting your facilities management in the hands of experts, you have the freedom to focus on patient care first and foremost.

Our specialist, highly experienced team at Phaseone Service Group has extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, including all legal and government requirements to meet specific care standards. That expertise allows us to provide a comprehensive facilities management solution covering cleaning, security, and maintenance, with the minimum disruption or interruption to your patients.

From general security staffing on-site to providing comprehensive window cleaning, ward cleaning and even COVID-19 fogging services, Phaseone delivers a tailored service plan that does all the hard work for you. We can even offer caretaking, fabric maintenance and decorating services to ensure your healthcare facility meets every necessary standard.

Interested in what we do? Call us to discuss how we can provide expert facility management services for your healthcare company or practice today.