The corporate security sector has long been a target for security risks of various kinds. Today’s focus may be heavily geared towards digital security risks, but the fact remains that physical security issues are still more pressing than ever.

So what are the main physical threats that are always present in the corporate sector? Businesses need to be aware of the risks of key areas such as thefts, vandalism and terrorism in particular.

  • Corporate theft – the theft of physical and digital assets from corporate premises
  • Corporate vandalism – damage to corporate premises and assets
  • Terrorism – a critical and very current risk that poses a significant danger to businesses’ employees, customers, premises and assets alike.

Common corporate security issues

Every business will have a particular set of security risks which are of particular concern and likelihood, depending on the nature of its operation. Our team of experts can help business leaders to identify these risks and to create a response plan with the right services in place to mitigate and manage these risks. From the presence of visible security staff through to the latest CCTV equipment, our services ensure that corporate businesses can be protected.

Corporate security risk analysis

One of the key means of managing corporate risk and implementing effective security is to have a fit for purpose risk management process. We have developed risk analysis software that can be used to help safeguard your business, by identifying the key risks and helping business leaders to implement the right management and mitigation solutions.

Effectively combating corporate risk

Our best in class process involves a three-pronged approach: providing a deterrent to any crime, implementing effective detection mechanisms and having the right response services in place for a rapid turnaround if a security breach does occur.

Our corporate security services

We offer a range of targeted and highly-effective services to the corporate sector, designed to suit every physical security need. These include:

  • Manned guarding – to provide a visible deterrent and an effective response in the event of an incident.
  • Keyholding, Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response – for total peace of mind across corporate sites, especially those with larger physical footprints or multiple sites.
  • CCTV Systems – for effective monitoring of corporate premises.
  • Alarm Systems – to allow your risk management processes to be rapidly activated in the event of a security risk and to help protect your staff.
  • Cleaning and clearance – ensuring that your premises are kept free from security risks and to clear the results of any breach, such as vandalism.
  • Front of house and reception – one of the most common target points for a security attack and also a highly visible part of your business for customers and other stakeholders.
  • Risk analysis – our expert team has years of experience in the field and helps all kind of corporate businesses to adequately safeguard and protect their business assets and people with robust risk analysis plans and supporting consultancy.

The corporate security solution

If you are responsible for safeguarding a corporate business, we are here to ensure you have the right plan, processes and services in place. Our physical security offer is robust, proven and delivered by an expert team, with cost-effective business packages available. Click the button below to find out more.