In the digital age, most (if not all) offices contain all manner of electronic equipment – computers, telephones, fax machines, printers and much more. Whilst most of us look upon such devices as a means of conducting business in the 21st century, thieves see them as a means to make money.

Given that many offices are housed in vast buildings with various companies operating on different floors or sections, it’s relatively easy to remain anonymous within a large complex, meaning thieves can easily and efficiently operate without having to worry about detection. Of course, this can present something of a challenge in terms of controlling access to valuable equipment and sensitive data.

In a busy city environment, it’s all too easy for people to enter office buildings for nefarious reasons – in the past year alone, there have been reports of vagrants attempting to sleep in vacant offices and soliciting employees for money or food – and that’s before even taking into account the theft of valuable office equipment. It might be a frightening prospect, but the fact is that busy office environments simply can’t afford to be without adequate security staff in 2013.

Although the natural reaction might be to call the police in an instance of trespass on company property, it’s a fact that response times are simply too ineffective when it comes to stopping an immediate threat. On-site security are on-hand and ready to deal with events as and when they happen, serving as the eyes and ears of the building, with fully-trained staff able to detect any suspicious activity and act appropriately to neutralise any perceived danger.

In order to ensure complete office security, it’s worthwhile availing of the services of a professional firm that puts you, your business and your employees first.

A well-trained security team doesn’t just ensure that your office assets are safe – when employees feel protected, they feel valued, and this morale boost can also help to increase productivity on the office floor.

Phase One offers complete security solutions throughout London, Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Essex, providing the expertise and supervision to keep your office 100% safe. Our team of fully trained, dedicated and motivated professionals will protect your office, your assets and your employees, facilitating the perfect working environment. Our guards offer impeccable standards of customer service, protecting against any liability and minimising potential damage and loss.