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What is Crowd Management?

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What is Crowd Management?

Crowd Management has become essential in the modern age. Events need to be well planned and completely safe as much as simply being well attended.

To ensure that your organisation or venue maintains customer loyalty, profitability and promotes future events, guests, clients and employees alike need to feel welcome, safe and well informed. This is where Phase One Service’s highly professional and multi-skilled security personnel come into their own. Adding confident, perfectly presented, polite and friendly security professionals to your venue team is a must for any event that wants to be successful and taken seriously. Highly professional Phase One event security personnel will give your event a feel of complete authenticity. It will also ensure it meets the exacting standards of modern day compliance and any legal obligations.

Aside from these essentials, Phase One’s professionally trained and well presented event security personnel will help differentiate your event from the rest. Effective event security ensures that your guests are politely informed about where they need to be and given a thorough understanding of the range of hospitality available to them. Phase One’s event security will ensure that any movement of people within your event is conducted effectively, safely and without risk. Doing these things right, through the discreet but highly skilled professionals, will make your guests feel valued and relaxed, allowing them to concentrate on having a great time. Clear thinking, intelligent and well briefed our event security will ensure that potential issues are foreseen, unexpected problems do not escalate and any conflicts that may happen are managed immediately with minimal disruption or risk to your event or guests. Event security with Phase One is the key to ensuring that all of the expected positive outcomes from your hard work and planning for your event are realised.

Our security professionals have to be qualified and registered with a license to operate in their field of expertise. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) provides training and licensing across numerous disciplines within event security and ensures that our team of professionals understand fully what they do, how to do it properly and the appropriate rules and regulations involved. The training programme our Phase One security personnel undertake includes a comprehensive awareness of first aid, how to deal with young people, including children, all the way through to identifying threats of terrorism.

Phase One will take the security arrangements of your event seriously, our skilled and licensed security professionals will ensure that your customers are free to enjoy the event to its fullest. It will also ensure that your employees feel secure to focus exclusively on fulfilling their part of making the event a success. The authority and assurance of our security professionals will give you peace of mind that your event is running smoothly and that you are seen to take every aspect of your business arrangements seriously, winning future business and hosting more events as a result.

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