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What is BS7984?

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What is BS7984?

Any security operator controlling customer keys or pass codes needs to assure those customers that they are in safe hands. This standard gives recommendations for the management, staffing and operation of organizations providing:

  • Keyholding and response services
  • Keyholding response services and mobile patrols as a shared service on a contracted basis
  • It’s also helpful to the organizations who buy these services.

Who is this standard for?

It will be of interest to:

  • Security companies and agencies
  • Building management companies
  • Local authorities
  • Those promoting compliance with any form of keyholding operation

Why should you use this standard?

BS 7984-1:2016 covers the following activities:

  • Response to keyholding attendance requests
  • Attendance at sites in response to keyholding attendance requests
  • Locating causes of security and safety alarms
  • Making premises secure and complete keyholding attendance
  • Preserving potential evidence of security breaches
  • Dealing with conflict when making keyholding attendances
  • Carrying out site inspections to support keyholding activities

By demonstrating compliance with this standard, users can be sure that correct procedures are in place and in use. It will also enable users to meet their Security Industry Act (2001) obligations.

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