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Warehouse Security

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Warehouse Security

Warehouses can present as tempting targets for both opportunists thieves and professional burglars who often operate in gangs.

This type of crime accounts for some 20% of total break-ins to commercial properties in the UK. Typically, warehouses are located on the outskirts of towns in industrial parks or centres and usually close to major roads for logistical reasons.

Protecting warehouses ‘Brighton‘ can involve a range of measures, including CCTV, on-site security, dog-patrols, fencing and, of course, intruder alarms.

We provide state-of-the-art alarm systems designed to give maximum protection to warehouses. These are commercial-grade alarm systems that are totally wireless and are quick and easy to install.

Our smart alarms allow you to self-monitor the security of your warehouse around the clock via an app, or you can route it through an alarm control centre.

Manufactured from quality components, our smart alarms are designed to last and are suitable for a wide range of applications.