How video surveillance can help minimize loss on investment properties?

The UK has an abundance of vacant houses, says the telegraph[1]. So many that the number reach over 200,000. The mass amounts of buildings have caused a concern, both for investors as well as for those concerned about squatters and vandals. Owners of vacant and investment properties are encouraged to seek measures to minimize the risk of damage to their property as well as the liability of damages caused by illegal occupancy, by implementing adequate squatter protection and squatter prevention technology.

What is AlertCam?

AlertCam is a security system which offers maximum prevention from damages and theft on vacant properties by recording in colour potential and active threats on the property via motion detector cameras. The system offers mobile device monitorization so that landowners, investors, and other interested parties who are privy to such access can see the vacant property, identify security weaknesses, and if necessary contact emergency responders without having to be physically on the site. As a prevention system, the SiteAlarm is also manned by human professionals who review all potential threats and relate the information both to the customer (you) and to any necessary party. Since the system records colour video in real time, the ability to quickly identify and capture squatters, thieves and vandals in increased, as the necessity to seek out witnesses and descriptions is eliminated.

How can AlertCam prevent Squatters?

It is always preferred to put a means of protection and prevention rather than to try to contain a problem after is occurs. By using the AlertCam surveillance system, your property takes measures to identify and then to vacate Squatters from the premises should they intrude upon it. AlertCam systems are designed on a wireless installation, making them ideal for placement in tactical, strategic locations (such as trees, power polls, porches, etc.). Since there are no wires associated with the device, but only batteries, the placement of the camera is not noticeable to anyone but those who mounted the unit. There is the option of using wire connections to other existing security devices, but it is not required of the system. Additionally, as there are no external wires, the connection cannot be severed by a squatter by simply cutting power to the source.

AlertCam specifically offers squatter prevention by detecting when there is motion within proximity of the house. Once the motion has been detected, the video functions of the device activate. The video is then monitored by a human party and emergency services (the police in most instances) are called to keep the person from entering the property. As most squatters attempt to enter properties during hours which most persons are either sleeping or at work, the camera is a prime way to deter would be illegal occupants from vacant houses.

AlertCam Squatter Protection

Should a squatter or vandal enter the property, AlertCam will immediately start recording the culprit. There are various angle configurations on the unit which will affect the level of detail and the range in which the camera will operate. For example, you can have a horizontal curtain which minimizes animals setting off the sensor, or you can have a “tight” lenses focus on hallways and entrance ways which would provide you with more detail but a smaller focal range. It is suggested that you use a combination of the lens setting for the maximum protection.

If it is Wireless can’t the system be hacked by Squatters?

Although the system is wireless, it is NOT WiFi. The AlertCam system works off of a radio frequency, the same as is used by emergency personnel and military communications. It therefore has no IP information associated with the device which could be hacked. Additionally, as it is a radio relay, the ability to disrupt the signal is highly problematic, requiring someone with engineering experience (not apt to be found in a squatter). Even if the system could be hacked, it would not benefit the would be squatter as it is equipped with anti-tampering features. Whenever the casing is opened or accessed, the AlertCam system immediately notifies monitoring parties, even if the device is not armed. This is true also for anytime that mounted device is turned and adjusted. The goal of this setting is not to cause annoyances with those fine tuning the focal point, but rather to act as a squatter prevention and vandal prevention method for vacant buildings. A squatter cannot simply deter the camera from the entrance way one day and access it the next without you having knowledge of it.

Where can I find out more information about the AlertCam Systems?

Technical information about the AlertCam system can be found at Should you have any general inquires about the system or the services offered by AlertCam , please do not hesitate to contact the company through the appropriate form on the site. Get a quote?