Figures from the Home Office have shown criminals target a UK property every 40 seconds at Christmas, numbering around 782,000 burglaries per year.

[Figures from the Home Office have shown criminals target a UK property every 40 seconds at Christmas, numbering around 782,000 burglaries per year.] 56% of these crimes happen at night, many during the most vulnerable hours of late evening when homeowners are out and vigilance is down. Heading into winter, burglars take advantage of darkness to increase the number of properties they can target without being seen.

A Home Office survey also reported residential properties are six times more likely to be burgled if they don’t have window locks and double locks on outside doors. Lone parent families are also twice as likely to be targeted as households with two resident adults, and three times more likely to fall victim to burglary than a household with no children.

Creating a safe, secure home environment isn’t just about putting the chain on the door each night. It’s about creating a security concept that safeguards residents, buildings and property effectively.

At Phase One a huge emphasis is placed on creating unique security programmes to suit individual customers with both long and short term security needs. Flexibility is something that’s helped Phase One become a leading light in the security sector.

Phase One can provide bespoke services for both vacant and occupied domestic properties. Services include 24/7 alarm response teams, key holding and fully vetted security guards.

Home Office statistics put London at the top of both occupied and vacant property crime, recording around 93,300 incidents per year. And those figures are rising. Based in the south of England but continuing to grow, Phase One currently serves London, Sussex, Kent, Essex and Surrey, providing first-rate, SIA licensed security personnel trained in line with the most up to date BS7858 Code of Practice.

According to Metropolitan Police, domestic alarm systems paired with a private security company response like that of Phase One can form one of the most effective ways to deter criminals from targeting both occupied and vacant properties.

In terms of vacant properties, employing a security company with proven excellence in the field, highly trained security staff and the broad range of knowledge Phase One uses to create and implement security services is a sensible, effective way to protect a building from unwanted intruders and criminal activity.

Offering flexible services is a significant part of why Phase One is proving to be such a sought-after choice for residential property security on any budget. Whether you need one security guard for an evening or fifty security guards for a 3-year term, we can work to create a safe, vigilant environment for both vacant and occupied domestic properties.

All Phase One personnel are trained in line with British Standards 7499:2007 and 7960:2005, vetted in accordance with British Standards 7858:2012 and licensed under SIA (Security Industry Authority) regulations.

With Phase One, taking care of all types of property – businesses, residential, vacant, etc. – is as easy as getting in touch and discussing the particular needs of a site with our experienced security team leaders.

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