Body worn video: our experience

Body-worn video management is a relatively new concept and is becoming increasingly common among police forces throughout the country. Helping emergency services capture and manage evidence, the footage can bring about speedier justice for victims. However, the benefits of body-worn cameras could be utilised across multiple security sectors, and our experience of them only adds to our belief they could be a worthwhile investment.

The PR6 Body Worn Camera

The PR6 is a customisable, encrypted and secure option, offering best in class functionality as well as intuitive ease of use. Not only does it boast excellent audio and video upgrades from the PR5, but data transfer to the D.E.M.S software is secure thanks to USB 3.0 and wireless connections.

The HD audio and video capture (with 1080p definition) are superior compared to other body-worn cameras on the market. The pause frame video technology, which is truly unique, helps to capture accurate facial recognition evidence.

When reviewing video clips from body-worn cameras, being able to upload and share footage securely and easily is of vital importance. With the D.E.M.S software, transferring footage from the PR6 is a simple but safe process. Once uploaded, the video clips can be stored, managed and marked. For example, footage that could aid a judicial enquiry can be marked as evidential until a later date – e.g. a court or trial hearing.

A closer look at Digital Evidence Management (D.E.M.S)

D.E.M.S has password-controlled access levels, so users can protect the identities of individuals (e.g. victims) and only share clips with certain personnel. We find the option to add categories and tags a great benefit, as well as the ability to edit footage. There’s also a certificate-based digital signature for each file, and the software can provide usage reports and a full audit trail.

The final verdict

Ultimately, the PR6 body camera is one of the best options on the market and is really setting new standards for police forces across Europe. However, there’s also the potential for the wider adoption of body-worn cameras across the professional security sector, including prison officers, bouncers, event organisers and facilities managers. We care about acting with kindness and respect, and so the encryption and security features of the PR6 and D.E.M.S software are advantageous.