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Office Security Systems

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Office Security Systems

Break-ins to offices can have a demoralising effect on staff as well as an impact on customer services and the efficient running of the business.

Offices are often targeted by opportunist thieves in the knowledge that security measures aren’t always particularly effective; in a matter of minutes, thieves can get their hands on valuable equipment and devices and get away before their presence is detected.

At Phaseone, we can help you protect your office premises 24/7 by installing our highly effective Alarmy smart alarm systems that you can self-monitor via an app, or route to an alarm services centre.

Our commercial grade alarms are totally wireless which makes them a more aesthetic choice for the modern office environment.

Quick and simple to install, without any trailing wires, our smart alarm system gives you and your staff the peace of mind of knowing the workplace is protected.

Call us today for more information on our office alarms.