As a shop owner or manager, you’re aware of the continual risk of shoplifters targeting your store, costing you money and depriving your loyal customers of fair prices. Phase One can provide you with store detective solutions to stop shoplifters in their tracks and give your business the protection it deserves.

The problem of shoplifting

If you’re a shop owner or store manager, protecting your stock from criminals is likely to be one of your most important priorities, and not without good reason. Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal a 6% increase in shoplifting year on year, with some estimates suggesting that over 3 million offences are carried out each year in the retail sector. Losing stock to theft can pose serious problems for a retailer and legitimate customers, in particular loss of profit and price increases that, for small independent traders in particular, can spell financial disaster.

How Phase One Security can help

Phase One can provide a tailor-made solution to help your business to protect its assets against the rising threat of shoplifting. As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor, we are recognised to be among the best providers of security services in the UK, as we meet demanding performance criteria laid down by the Home Office. Our store detective service is an effective way to reduce incidences of theft from your premises, thereby decreasing your losses, improving your profit and protecting your customer footfall in the process.

The role of our store detectives

Phase One store detectives look and behave like everyday shoppers, browsing the range of goods in your store and making ‘purchases’ to remain inconspicuous at all times. During his time on the shop floor, the store detective will use his considerable experience and training to identify potential shoplifters and monitor them closely to observe incidences of theft, without revealing his identity. When a shoplifter attempts to leave the store with unpaid goods – the moment at which a criminal offence is committed – the store detective may approach the suspect, prevent him from leaving with the goods and apprehending him.

A positive working relationship with the police and shopping centre security teams is also important to prevent future thefts and to establish a database of known criminals who may attempt to remove goods from your store. Phase One Security’s store detectives liaise closely with these third parties in order to maximise their effectiveness and to reduce the losses your store may suffer.

Complete confidence in our team

When selecting a security company to provide store detectives for your business, it is vital that you can enjoy a relationship based on confidence and trust; we pride ourselves on our integrity and reliability. All of our staff are licensed and trained by the SIA and are DBS-checked, so you may have complete confidence in the Phase One personnel working in your store. We recognise the importance of complying with the Security Industry Act (2001) and meet a number of British Standards, as well as being in possession of comprehensive insurance.

Obtaining a quotation

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