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AlertCam: Construction Security System

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AlertCam: Construction Security System

AlertCam provides construction CCTV, minimising risk of damages and loss

In the construction industry, there has always been the risk for theft, vandalism, and loss. This is primarily due to the metals which are used on the job site, such as copper. However, this is also the result of the sites being less than amply secured or providing a means of finding and punishing vandals and thieves should a situation arise where investigation is needed. Thankfully, the construction CCTV has been introduced to the construction market, minimising the risk for fiscal loss while increasing security and peach of mind to contractors.

How is AlertCam different from standard systems?

The main difference between the AlertCam Construction CCTV and the standardized security system which is offered for both home and commercial security is in the functionality of the device. On the typical home security system, you will find that the security is based upon an auditable alarm. When an intrusion occurs the signal of the intrusion is sent to the control room who then calls the house or business and confirms that there is an issue. Once it has been verified that there is an issue then the authorities are called and measures are taken. Obviously, one can see that the problem with this type of system is two-fold. First, the response time is very prolonged, resulting in the culprit having a substantial amount of time to flee the scene of the crime. Secondly, most system require that a person be onsite to identify that there is a problem. Even systems which have the smart phone access to the system assume that you can quickly access and identify the problem (whether it is an actual risk or not).

AlertCam works a bit differently from the traditional security system. First, the system is set up on a motion video notification system. This means that one a potential problem is identified, the system kicks the video at the control room location, recording the area where the potential crime is taking place. The control room is on call 24/7 and can immediately relate information to the authorities such as “we have a break-in on a construction site, the man is wearing a red hoodie, blue jeans, and just got into a white four door sedan”, resulting in a quicker capture of the criminal.

Installation advantages

There is an availability to view the video settings from mobile devices. This is allowed whether the construction CCTV is armed or not. This allows for contractors as well as land owners and business developers to (a) monitor the site when they are not present (b) check high risk areas to further minimize the risk of damage or loss and (c) to quickly identify culprits in an emergency or criminal situation.

AlertCam systems are wireless and have the capability of multiple lens configurations. The default lens set-up is a broad 90-degree panoramic view. Another setting allows for a pet/animal bypass (horizonal curtain), and a homed in setting allows for precision motion sensors to be placed on a specific area. It is recommended that the default lens be used for the maximum coverage area with a secondary AlertCam camera set up for precision monitoring.

If there are no wires, how secure can it really be?

The construction CCTV is very secure. A tamper alarm system is integrated into the design so that when the camera is accessed, or even when the camera is tampered with, a notification is sent to our control room. This prevents anyone from moving the focal point of the camera and returning later to an unmonitored/venerable area. Additionally, although the camera is wireless, there is an option to incorporate external wired connections to the AlertCam system. Worried about the security of the device in inclement weather? Don’t worry, the casing of the Site Alarm system is designed to withstand the frigid winter construction sites as well as the arid and hot construction sites of the summer.

Maximizing the security is the base functionality design of the AlertCam Construction CCTV. It is not a WIFI device. It is wireless, yes, but it works off of radio frequencies. Simply put, no one can hack into the system and turn it off or tamper with the settings. The AlertCam system is designed to the same standards as some military devices and first-responder radios.

Where can you find a AlertCam Construction CCTV system for sale?

AlertCam systems are designed to be used in any construction site or outdoor location. The versatility, battery operation, and mobile access gives substantial advantages to contractors, foremen, business owners, etc. who may be concerned about the materials, building, and other assets of the site. Should you wish to find out more about the AlertCam system, or if you have any inquires as to how the construction cctv can benefit your site, please contact for more details.