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Alarms for Farms

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Alarms for Farms

Help protect your farm property, including sheds and outbuildings by installing one of our wireless, modern alarm systems.

All too often farms are targeted by thieves or burglars because of their typically remote locations.

Unfortunately, rural crime is on the rise in the UK and thieves are always on the lookout for expensive machinery, vehicles, equipment, and even livestock to steal.

According to insurers NFU Mutual, the cost of rural crime is around £42.5 million a year.

You can minimise your risk of falling victim to this type of rural crime by installing a smart alarm system. Completely wireless and quick to install, our meercam alarms mean you can self-monitor farm security via an app 24/7, or have it done for you by an alarm receiving centre.

All of our smart alarms are commercial grade systems with built-in durability.

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