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Unlock and lock-up

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Unlock and lock-up

It might not always be possible for you or a trusted employee to be in attendance at your business premises at the beginning and end of every working day, especially if your business operates long hours or employs shift workers. It is, of course, important for a site to be locked up when it is not in operation, but you might be struggling to find a way around leaving your premises unlocked and unsecured during out-of-hours times.

At Phase One, we have the solution for you. As part of our mobile security services we are able to offer a lock-up and unlock service, where one of our trained and licensed uniformed security personnel can attend early in the day to unlock the premises, and also to lock up when the last employee has left the site at the end of your business’s operational hours.

Our lock-up and unlock service can be employed as a standalone service, or as part of our other 24-hour mobile security patrol services whereby your premises can also be checked over for any security issues or breaches, and any early or late lone workers can also be checked on to make sure everything is running smoothly.