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Property inspections

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Property inspections

The key to the security of any business premises is ensuring that the site is well protected in the first place. Phase One’s mobile security services include regular property inspections to make sure your business is as protected as possible.

Our fully trained and licensed security personnel will visit your site, and as part of our other 24-hour mobile security services or as a standalone service, will inspect your property to make sure that your security systems are in order.

We will inspect alarm systems to make sure they are operating correctly and we will check locks and entry systems to ensure they are secure. We will also inspect entry and exit ways to make sure there is no easy breach of these for intruders to gain unwanted access. We will also patrol the rest of the premises to ensure that windows, gates, driveways and so on are secure.

Our property inspections can be undertaken as a one-off security check to ascertain the overall security of your building, or on a more regular basis to maintain your security systems. Either way, we will report back to you with any concerns so you can take action to keep your business site fully protected.