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Lone worker protection

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Lone worker protection

Your business operation may require that you have lone workers on site at times. Lone workers can be a cost-effective and necessary part of the smooth running of many businesses, but employing them can of course also be a cause of concern for you as a business manager when it comes to your site’s 24-hour security.

Lone workers can be vulnerable during their time alone on site, and the site itself can also be vulnerable during this time. For this reason, you might feel that it is important to consider how best to support your lone workers with electronic security systems such as PARiM lone worker tracking systems.

The PARiM lone worker tracker enables you to monitor how things are going on site during those quiet times. It also offers a quick and easy means by which your lone worker can check in with you at designated times or in the case of needing to raise an alarm. PARiM also has a function that activates an automatic call if your lone worker fails to check in at the designated time so that you can check everything is OK or raise an alarm if necessary. At Phase One we are available to advise you on the best options for lone worker protection.