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Lone worker checks

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Lone worker checks

It might be necessary to employ lone workers at times, as part of the operation of your business. For example, during night hours, when the main operation on your site has finished, you may still need someone in attendance to keep the site running and to prepare for the next working day. Lone workers can be necessary, but they can also be a cause of additional security concerns if they are alone and unsupported in the case of any emergency during their time on site.

Phase One’s mobile security services include lone worker checks. Let us help you to lessen any concerns you may have about your business premises’ security during lone worker hours. Our lone worker checks can be used as a dedicated standalone service, or as just one of the 24-hour security services provided by our regular mobile security patrols.

Our trained and licensed security personnel will visit your premises to ensure that the lone worker is safe, and possibly escort them to their car at the end of their shift if required, giving you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly and securely during the quieter hours of your business’s operation.