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Back office support

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Back office support

There are lots of reasons to opt for physical security and manned guarding of your business back office. This is particularly true for organisations handling large amounts of cash or holding products or items with a substantial value.

You can rely on the trained professionals from Phase One to provide the unobtrusive back office security service needed by your business. Ultimately, you don’t want to alarm or upset existing employees when you take on back office manned guarding; however, you also need the skilled security officers that can assess situations and handle threats in the most effective manner.

The wide range of integrated security services offered by Phase One can be completely tailored to meet your business security needs in full. Whether you’re looking for back office security guarding for events, or run a retail business handling large sums of cash on a daily basis, the fully trained security officers available from Phase One can deal with all your guarding requirements.

Browse our website to discover more about Phase One. We’re one of the top % SIA approved security contractors in the UK and we can tailor our manned guarding and security solutions to meet your needs in full. Give us a call today to find out more.