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Asset tracking

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Asset tracking

Protecting your assets is a continually important consideration, whether in your personal or business life. At Phase One we provide WatchLock smart reporting locks as part of our electronic security services to keep in line with the next generation of asset protection.

Even the most sturdy of padlocks can be broken, and once would-be thieves or intruders have gained entry to your padlocked gates or broken into your locked container, there is little that can be done. WatchLock padlocks offer additional security for your premises and your assets in that they are programmed with GPS and mobile communication capabilities, so it is possible to track their location and to monitor the circumstances of any damage.

Not only can this serve as an instantaneous alarm call if the lock is broken when it sends a message to your mobile device, but if the lock then travels with stolen goods it is possible to pinpoint its location and potentially recover your property.

As a heavy-duty padlock, WatchLock acts as a good security measure simply as a lock, whether it be for your perimeter gates, containers or other storage units. Additionally, its GPS and communication capabilities serve as an excellent enhancement to other 24-hour security systems for your site, offering peace of mind in the protection of your assets.