Looking for a reliable security company in Ludgershall to respond to your intruder alarm system when it’s activated?

Phaseone Service Group is a nationwide security company which provides a comprehensive keyholding and alarm response service in Ludgershall to response to your intruder, fire and smoke alarms in accordance with ACPO guidelines. Once alerted by your Alarm Monitoring Station we will dispatch a fully trained and SIA licensed mobile response officer to your premises in Ludgershall to investigate the cause of the alarm activation.
Keyholding and Alarm Response Ludgershall

Keyholding in Ludgershall

Keys are kept in a safe and secure environment which has been audited to BS7984, so you can rest assured your keys are in safe hands. Only upon an alarm activation are your keys handed over to our fully trained alarm response officers in Ludgershall to investigate the cause of alarm.
Keyholding Company Ludgershall

How alarm response in Ludgershall works?

  1. We receive the call from your monitoring station that the alarm in Ludgershall has been activated;
  2. We dispatch a fully trained & SIA licensed response officer to investigate the alarm within 20 minutes;
  3. We complete a full internal and external inspection of the premises report all findings accordingly to the correct people including emergency services (if required);
  4. We submit an insurance compliant incident report, via email, before leaving your premises.

Ludgershall Keyholding

Risks of using in-house keyholders in Ludgershall

Employers Duty of Care places stringent requirements upon Companies and organizations Directors who face full Responsibility to protect their employees. Ask yourself: –

  • Do you have a keyholder / loneworker system?
  • Do you have processes in place to safeguard employees attending intruder / fire alarms?
  • Do you have 2 key holders on standby to attend alarm activation’s?
  • Do you have to pay them for being on call? Usually £50.00 per week, per person.
  • Do you have to pay them for call outs?
  • Do you have processes in place should your key holder be attacked?
  • Do your staff performance levels drop if they’ve been called out the night before?
  • Do you have an up to date risk assessment and insurances?

If one of your staff (a lone worker) suffer an accident or be attacked and injured whilst attending a Key Holding & Alarm Response call out in Ludgershall they may have a reasonable claim in court for compensation as a result of corporate negligence or worse.

In-house Keyholders tend to be key-members of the management team – what problems would it cause if one of your managers was off work for 3-months due to an attack?

To conclude; it’s much safer and cost effective outsourcing your keyholding and alarm response to us which can be paid monthly or annually. Get a quote here.
Alarm Response Ludgershall

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