Door supervisors and security staff have increasingly become a vital element of modern venues and events in Hailsham.

No longer faced with the intimidating figure of a bouncer, Phase One’s security staff in Hailsham are focused on customer service and safety. The role our door supervisor fulfills will make them a valuable addition to your team of staff and on top of that a positive representation of your business.

Phase One Security have been providing Door Supervisors throughout Hailsham since 2007, specialising in tailoring our services to meet your exact needs you can expect experience and high standards from your Phase One door supervisor.

Hire Door Supervisor Services in Hailsham

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Hire SIA Door Supervisors Hailsham

Our Security staff are well informed, presentable and highly capable individuals. With excellent communication skills, their presence will reassure your safety at your venue. Hailsham door supervisors will add an air of authenticity to your venue in keeping with the style you wish to present to your customer. They are on hand with their awareness of risk management to predict any issues that may arise and to deal with them quickly in a professional and safe way. Understanding conflict, how it begins and how to manage it to stop it escalating further is a Phase One door supervisors area of expertise. Our security professionals in Hailsham are trained to find immediate resolution for issues or conflict and allow you to feel relaxed and confident that your establishment is running smoothly.

Skilled Door Supervisors in Hailsham

Skilled in conflict resolution, our door supervisors Hailsham and security professionals have all undertaken a training programme to gain an SIA qualification and licence. Phase One has created a very experienced, competent and reliable workforce that is proud of its professionalism and can protect both people and property for you. Our training includes an awareness and demonstrable knowledge of first aid, threats of terrorism and how to deal with both children and young people. In hiring a Phase One door supervisor in Hailsham you are giving yourself peace of mind.

Hiring Door Staff in Hailsham

Your business can benefit from the knowledge that it is in safe hands. Employing a Phase One door supervisor in Hailsham will give the impression that you take your venue and your customers enjoyment and safety seriously. It also allows your employees to focus on their work in an environment that is safe and operating to its optimum. In addition to these benefits you can use our door supervisors many skills to effectively communicate your venues tone, whether it be an informal establishment or an exclusive club. Your door supervisor can become the welcome face of your business, a representative for the service that you provide and an example of the customer care they will receive once inside your establishment.

Door Supervisors Hailsham

Why don’t you let Phase One security professionals in Hailsham become part of your workforce, whether it’s for one night or a number of years be confident that you will be employing presentable, assured and multi-skilled door supervisors.

Get in touch today and let Phase One Hailsham help you find the most effective security solution for you and your venue.