The distinguished achievement of Employee of the Year is awarded annually to the employee considered by colleagues, clients and management to have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the ideals and goals of the company, an unimpeachable work ethic, and a visible drive to succeed and grow in their position.

Though we are a small business, we believe it is crucial that we continue to look for ways to show our wonderful employees the appreciation they deserve, and the Employee of the Year Award is just one way they seek to achieve this.

Following multiple recommendations from all across the business and from his colleagues, this year’s choice was declared by the Company Spokesperson for Employee of the Year; “We are delighted to announce Ben Cutts has been awarded with Employee of the Year.”

A relative newcomer to the company, in the short time he has been there Ben has developed into an indispensable member of the business. He has shown a real passion for his job and demonstrates the kind of motivation that they look for in all their employees, regardless of how long they have been a part of the team. Ben understands how important it is to be constantly finding ways to improve his position, whether this is by taking on the advice of those around him or by setting the kind of high standards one needs to set in order to achieve their goals. It is clear from the feedback they have received that Ben has set an example that all his colleagues wish to follow, and for that, we thank him, not only for his own record of achievement but by raising the bar for the company as a whole.

In honour of this award, Ben will receive a £1000 voucher to go towards the holiday of his choice. The team all wish him well and hope he enjoys his well-deserved break.

Looking forward to next year’s award, the company realises how hard it is to single out the achievements of just one person in a business filled with dedicated coworkers, so from 2020, they will be introducing additional criteria to the award, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place tiers. This will allow them to reward and applaud those runners-up who did not quite make the final cut but still deserve a moment in the spotlight so that everyone can appreciate and applaud their commendable efforts.