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Phaseone Service Group is a national security company and a trusted provider of security services in Bonhill. We direct a variety of security packages to businesses, organisations and individuals. One of the UK’s most Famous cross-industry security suppliers, we deploy expertly trained, experienced SIA licensed guards.

Established 2011, Phaseone Service Group is ranked in the top 15% of ACS qualified contractors and is CHAS approved. We tailor our security packages to each of our customers’ needs in view of that that we can meet your security requirements in the most in action way.

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Security Company Bonhill – SIA Approved Contractor

More about Bonhill

Bonhill (B’nill in Scots and Both an Uillt in Gaelic) is a town in the Vale of Leven area of West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It is sited on the Eastern bank of the River Leven, on the opposite bank from the larger town of Alexandria.

The area is mentioned in a charter of 1225 giving the monks from Paisley Abbey fishing rights on the east bank of the River Leven at the Linbrane pool. Bonhill Parish was noted in a charter of 1270 as “the parish of Buthehille”, and the name became Bonyle about 1550, with the variants Binnuill, Bonuil and Bonill appearing before Bonhill was adopted by 1700. In 1650 this small poor parish was enlarged, and since then the Parish has included most of the towns and villages in the Vale of Leven.

The village of Bonhill itself featured an early church, and a ford across the River Leven on the drovers’ road to Glasgow. The first modern church was built close to the river in 1747, and it was replaced in 1835 by the present Church of Scotland building on the site of an earlier small church. Various churches of other denominations were constructed from 1830, but closed in the 1960s.

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