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Keyholding and Alarm Response Skegness

We are the preferred Alarm Response Service in Skegness. Keyholding and Alarm Response is a security requirement for all homes and businesses in Skegness.

  • 247/365 Key Holding and First Responder service in Skegness
  • SIA Approved Keyholding Contractor
  • Trusted keyholding Company Skegness
  • The fastest response times guaranteed

Looking for a professional Alarm Response and Keyholding in Skegness?

Getting a call out at 4am can be a draining experience, but with our professional key holding service in Skegness you don’t need to panic. At Phase One, our professionals look after duplicate keys in a safe and secure environment compliant with BS 7984 so that if the worst happens we can dispatch an SIA licensed security guard within 20 minutes to investigate the activation, secure your premises and re-set your alarm.

Research shows that the company key holder tends to be a manager and residential keyholders the friend of the family. Should this person be attacked whilst responding to a burglary in process, the potential absent recovery period off work or financial implications from an insurance claim could be very damaging.

With our professional key holder and first responder service in Skegness you are limiting the potential liability to yourself or your business, should anything happen to the key holders. If you want a fully qualified and accredited keyholding company, contact us now.

Alarm Response and Keyholding Skegness

Mobile Security Sussex
Phase One Keyholding and Alarm Response
Keyholding and Alarm Response Service Sussex

Keyholding and Alarm Response Skegness

With the best will in the world, it is not always possible to have every site staffed with personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This would be costly and a waste of resources and staff time, especially during the hours when your site is closed for business. This is where our Mobile Security.. Read more.

Unlock and lock-up2020-05-11T13:43:35+00:00

It might not always be possible for you or a trusted employee to be in attendance at your business premises at the beginning and end of every working day, especially if your business operates long hours or employs shift workers. It is, of course, important for a site to be locked up when it is not in operation, but you might be struggling to find a way around leaving your premises unlocked and unsecured during out-of-hours times.

At Phase One, we have the solution for you. As part of our mobile security services we are able to offer a lock-up and unlock service, where one of our trained and licensed uniformed security personnel can attend early in the day to unlock the premises, and also to lock up when the last employee has left the site at the end of your business’s operational hours.

Our lock-up and unlock service can be employed as a standalone service, or as part of our other 24-hour mobile security patrol services whereby your premises can also be checked over for any security issues or breaches, and any early or late lone workers can also be checked on to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Lone worker checks2020-05-11T13:44:11+00:00

It might be necessary to employ lone workers at times, as part of the operation of your business. For example, during night hours, when the main operation on your site has finished, you may still need someone in attendance to keep the site running and to prepare for the next working day. Lone workers can be necessary, but they can also be a cause of additional security concerns if they are alone and unsupported in the case of any emergency during their time on site.

Phase One’s mobile security services include lone worker checks. Let us help you to lessen any concerns you may have about your business premises’ security during lone worker hours. Our lone worker checks can be used as a dedicated standalone service, or as just one of the 24-hour security services provided by our regular mobile security patrols.

Our trained and licensed security personnel will visit your premises to ensure that the lone worker is safe, and possibly escort them to their car at the end of their shift if required, giving you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly and securely during the quieter hours of your business’s operation.

Property inspections2020-05-11T13:56:53+00:00

The key to the security of any business premises is ensuring that the site is well protected in the first place. Phase One’s mobile security services include regular property inspections to make sure your business is as protected as possible.

Our fully trained and licensed security personnel will visit your site, and as part of our other 24-hour mobile security services or as a standalone service, will inspect your property to make sure that your security systems are in order.

We will inspect alarm systems to make sure they are operating correctly and we will check locks and entry systems to ensure they are secure. We will also inspect entry and exit ways to make sure there is no easy breach of these for intruders to gain unwanted access. We will also patrol the rest of the premises to ensure that windows, gates, driveways and so on are secure.

Our property inspections can be undertaken as a one-off security check to ascertain the overall security of your building, or on a more regular basis to maintain your security systems. Either way, we will report back to you with any concerns so you can take action to keep your business site fully protected.

Mobile security patrols2020-05-11T13:45:50+00:00

Phase One’s mobile security services include the availability of dedicated 24-hour mobile security patrols for your business premises. Our mobile security patrols can be put to a number of uses in raising the effectiveness of the security at your site.

Our fully trained and licensed uniformed security personnel can undertake regular mobile security patrols of your premises, which can include lone worker checks and lock-up and unlock services, as well as general checks of your site to ensure that everything is as it should be outside of operational hours and in your absence. This can save you both time and resources in ensuring that your site is secure when it is not fully staffed.

Employing a mobile security patrol at your premises will help you to promote a high profile, constant security presence at your site. This works for you in two ways. First, you will be reassured that your site is securely protected by a regular security presence round the clock. Secondly, the fact that your site is regularly visited by professional security personnel on mobile patrol will act as a deterrent for any unwanted visitors who will not want to be caught in the act.

Alarm response and keyholding Skegness