It might seem excessive to place security guards in colleges, but the fatal stabbing of school teacher Ann Maguire in Leeds last year and the stabbing this month of a teacher in a Bradford college suggests otherwise.

In America, school security guards have been standard since the horrific Columbine High School massacre of 1999, with some schools in the USA even installing metal detectors and conducting bag searches.

With much tighter controls on guns in this country, such drastic measures aren’t often necessary, but employing a security guard could be a good way to keep staff and students safe, and put parents’ minds at ease.

Nearly 900 children are removed from classrooms each day for abusing or assaulting teachers or their fellow pupils. A very small minority of these incidents will pose a serious risk to those involved, but a security guard could help to deal with and defuse such occurrences when they arise, making your school a safe and happy place for children to learn.

More than this, simply having a security guard on site could help to deter violence in a school. Whether the threat of violent behaviour is internal or external, criminal activity is often deterred just by the knowledge that there’s a trained security presence on site.

All of our staff are highly qualified and DBS checked and take part in mandatory BS 7858 security screenings. This means that they are expected to behave with a high degree of responsibility and professionalism. Security guards undergo training to deal with dangerous and threatening behaviour, for example a knife or other weapon in the classroom, and are able to respond to emergency situations calmly and efficiently.

A security guard on site also boasts the benefit of being able to tackle developing situations immediately, meaning that there’s always help on hand for teachers and staff.

Here at Phase One Security we have a background in the education sector, comprehensive insurance and hold ISO 9001, as well as being a SIA approved contractor. That makes us perfectly placed to deal with all of your security needs, so call us today or click here to get a quote.