Here at Phase One we offer many ways to keep your premises safe and our highly trained guard dogs are one of them. There are many benefits to having guard dogs on your site. Our canine security service will not only alert you and those nearby to the unwelcome presence of an intruder, but will also act as an effective deterrent to anyone thinking of trespassing. Just the presence of a guard dog gives the impression that you take your security very seriously and implementing canine security is a sure fire way to protect your premises from vandals, thieves and other trespassers almost instantly.

All of our guard dogs are highly trained by our extremely skilled and experienced dog handlers and are the best in the security business. Phase One canine security service is flexible and adaptable so that it can be easily tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements of you and your business. We guarantee the most cost effective solutions to all of your security needs and can adapt our services depending on your unique specifications. Our guard dogs are available for any scale of project, whether it be a one dog operation over a short term basis, or number of dogs for the duration of a much longer contract, we can provide a service to suit you.

Our experienced dog handlers have unrivalled skills and knowledge of the canine security industry and have undergone all of the relevant training to be the best in their field. All of our dog handlers are also screened in accordance with BS 7858 and SIA licensed, so we are able to assure all of our clients that their premises will be guarded by highly trained security professionals. Our guard dogs offer more than just top quality security; they also offer peace of mind. The ability to relax safe in the knowledge that your premises are safe and secure is priceless, enabling you to enjoy your personal life much more without worrying about the safety of your business assets and possessions.

Our K9 security service is different to those offered by other security firms because we give you the chance to personalise our service to fit your needs, unlike other companies who expect your needs to adapt to fit their service. We offer a professional and friendly service so please get in touch for a free, no obligation chat so we can discuss your requirements and discuss how we can meet all of your security needs.