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Integrated Security Services

A leading national provider of integrated cleaning and security solutions including manned security services, mobile patrols, key holding, contact cleaning and electronic security systems.

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Integrated Security Services

A leading national provider of integrated cleaning and security solutions including manned security services, mobile patrols, key holding, contact cleaning and electronic security systems.


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We are a fully licensed and accredited company committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients and we continuously invest in our knowledge, skills, experience, management and technical capability to enhance the services we offer.

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  • Fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and SIA Approved Contractor Status.

  • Comprehensive service offering, national database of staff and innovative technologies.

  • Home Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 129 reviews.

With 25 years of collective experience and 10 years of active operation behind us, Phase One represents the modern approach to security service delivery. As a company, we have built our business model on certain key ethical and professional codes that have allowed us to stand out from our competitors on the market. We value professionalism in all areas of business, whether in the manner of our senior management, the conduct of our supervisors, or the attitude of our team members; demonstrating a commitment to professional behavior has been a key indicator of our service since the company’s inception. With a range of accreditation’s that allow us to work in all manner of situations, we have established ourselves as the region’s preferred security services provider.

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We believe that the main strength of any service provider lies in the quality of its employees. At Phase One, we have always felt that the strength of our teams comes down to three key indicators: recruitment, training and development. It is this that has enabled us to grow our workforce consistently over the past five years by retaining 95% of our staff. Simply possessing the relevant qualifications and licences does not automatically qualify a person to be a potential member of our team. We follow proper hiring procedures for our candidates, considering a person’s experience and personality as equally important parameters in our assessment of their suitability for the position. Once we have chosen the right candidates, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure they are brought up to our standards of qualification, investing just as heavily in our staff as we do in our equipment. We utilise a number of different resources, including online e-learning, to make sure the teams can reach our specifications. As a minimum, each security and safety officer in our company is trained in:

– First aid

It is an unavoidable fact that our position necessitates our team members are occasionally placed in difficult situations. In the event of an incident, we believe our staff should have a basic level of preparedness for dealing with casualties. They should also have a clear understanding of the correct procedures involved with calling in an incident and feel confident doing so.

– Non-confrontational conflict resolution

The best way to minimise the fallout of hostile situation is to understand how such moments escalate from point-ofcontact to outbreaks of violence or destruction of property. Having staff that are trained in conflict resolution is an added insurance for our customers, who know that their venue is in the hands of individuals committed to finding peaceful solutions.

– Safeguarding

Vigilance is a key factor in the day-to-day requirements of a safety and security officer. We want to make sure that our personnel are trained to watch for signs of a disturbance and act quickly and carefully. We want them to be able to react to developments in a calm and rational manner. But most importantly, we want our customers to be able to go about their tasks in a safe environment, free of the threat of harassment.

– Security (of people and property)

Security is about assurance. Our clients have enough to concern themselves with, running their businesses or organisations, without having the added burden of managing their own safety and that of their resources. We want to make sure all our team members have the confidence and ability to undertake this task to our clients’ satisfaction.

– Health and safety

We realise that threats to a property or business do not come solely from disruptive individuals. Having personnel who know how to recognise environmental or human error-related threats is an absolute must for our business, both to keep us compliant with the Health and Safety At Work Act and to give peace of mind to our clients who rely on us to spot faults as they arise